Where is Cinders Boutique located?

Cinders Boutique is located in a small village nestled in between Durham and Sunderland.


The Address is: 27 Front Street, Hetton-Le-Hole DH5 9PF

Do I need an appointment?

Not always, you are always welcome to make out of hours appointments also you are welcome to call in during opening hours. However to ensure there is a fitting room available it may be best to book one so we are able to give you our undivided attention and VIP experience to pick that perfect dream dress . Ask about our extras and VIP Appointments.


What sizes are available?

We offer a variety of sizes every range of gowns whether it being Bridal or Prom. We cater for all sizes from sizes 0 - 30 . 

As every Persons body shape and size is different our extremely friendly and Professional stylists will give you a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping and guiding you to find your Dream Dress, making your journey to this as special as you are! 


Once your Dress has arrived in store with us it will then be thoroughly checked. We will then call you to come in for your First Fit to try it on .


At this time you can then decide if you would like to go head with alterations from our highly qualified Seamstresses whom have over 30 years experience and who work alongside of us.


If you do not wish to go ahead with this service that is no problem at all.  We will then keep your Dress until it is paid off  or you can collect it straight away.

Contact Us


0191 4471910

How Can i pay for my Dress ?


When you have picked your Fairytale Dream Dress , we will Require a Deposit for your Dress. You will then have the Option to pay by Payment Plan if you wish to do so otherwise you can Pay upon Ordering or when your Dress Arrives.



When you have chosen your Dream Dress , we will ask for a 50% Deposit ... however we can split this into 3 Payments as a gesture of good will if necessary.


Once your Dress has arrived into the Boutique and you have your first appointment , we will then require the other 50% which can be split into 3 payments.  We take Bank and Credit Cards which most people choose to use, we also take Cheques, Bank Transfers.

Payment Plans ! .... An easy and Affordable way to pay for Dress ... Meaning your Dream Dress is within your reach. We do have a great option to pay for your Dress using our Interest Free Payment Plans. This means you can chip away at you deposit and spread the cost of your Dress with installments tailored to suit your needs.

When should i start looking for my Bridal and Prom Dress ?


It is always best to not to look at to many shops and try one hundreds of gowns, you will make your mind overloaded , confused in turn making you feel stressed out . This will make an experience that should be a special and happy occasion into a feeling like its a chore!


It will help to find a store that has every style, Design, Colour and Fabric, making sure they can accommodate your own unique taste, style and vision of your dress and even the dress that suits your Prom or Wedding Theme.


Finding a store that also accommodates your wedding party is also important. A store that offers it all Bridal Dresses , Bridesmaids etc also helps as it lowers the stress if you can get everything you want all underneath one roof.  They may have offers and deals on doing this ! Remember to make sure your store choice have Dresses that falls within your budget really helps.  Here at Cinders we have it all in one store, with fantastic Discounts and Offers.


You can start looking as and when you want . We have had with some years Girls starting from Mid September up until May...


However as we supply only one style to one School, it is always best to book in early this way ensures you get the dress you want plus you have up to 7 months to pay it off (this obviously is depending on which month you purchase it).


The Mistake of Thoughts.... Some feel that it is best to leave it right until the end as they will be discounted. This is sometimes true but there will only be the samples and a few to get in separate sizes. Only certain Designers Dresses can still be ordered in at the end of the season. The Best Way .... Is to buy earlier this way you have full choice of selection , sizes and up to 7 months to pay!!! As a parent myself i know this is important to me as i couldn't afford to do one big pull out !




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How long does it take my Dress to Come? 


Prom Dresses vary depending on Designer, If they are in stock Dresses can arrive within Days if not roughly 1 week to 12 Weeks at the very most!!! , but of course if you are paying with a Payment Plan , your Dress will stay with us until it is fully Paid.



As rough guide it usually takes around 5 months for your dress to arrive from the date of your order.


However this does depend on each of our different Designers.  We hold a variety of  some of the worlds best designers , however as we have so many their ordering can be within 2-3 days if the dress you choose is in stock, if you are wanting to order a dress in where you have tailored it to your design then this will take around 5 -7 months. Therefore our chosen designers can be from days to months , make sure to ask on delivery times especially if you are in a rush !

We also stock off the peg dresses in addition to a collections that is available to order. Dresses off the peg are available to be taken home immediately!

Once your dress has arrived in the Boutique , it will be thoroughly checked. After this we will telephone you to make an appointment for you to com in and try it on. This will then be your perfect opportunity to look and try on all of our beautiful  accessories including Veils, Head Wear, Jewelry , Belt Appliques if needed etc. This is when your Vision become reality !  


Transportation of your Dress- Which way is best?


Your Dress will be carefully placed into one of our Dress Bags.



Your Bridal Consultant will advise you on the best way to transport your Dress from Collection to where you will store it.

We can also pack your Dress into a Case or a Bridal Dress Box if you are having a Destination Wedding.


Bridal Dress Boxes can be purchased within the Boutique. Which every way you choose to transport your Dress will be wrapped in a Acid Free Tissue Paper and carefully packaged . 

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